Esen Information Technologies
Esen Information Technologies

All-in-one asset management, monitoring, and cybersecurity solution


Your cyberguard in the house

Complete asset management

Keep track of all your network devices, applications, and processes from a centralized platform.

Proactive network discovery

Identify and map all devices connected to your network, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your digital ecosystem.

Real-time telemetry monitoring

Monitor network traffic, performance metrics, and system health to detect anomalies and address potential issues promptly.

Fundamental security checks

Antelope performs regular security checks to ensure that your systems are properly configured and protected against common vulnerabilities.

Discover unknown devices

Antelope automatically detects unknown devices on your network, helping you identify potential security risks

Advanced process monitoring

Keep an eye on critical processes, identifying suspicious activities and potential threats.

CVE checks

Stay informed about the latest vulnerabilities and apply necessary patches to safeguard your network.

Detect unknown processes

Keep an eye on unfamiliar processes running on your systems, enabling early detection of unauthorized activities.


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